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We are dedicated to providing proficient care and counseling services for people and families nationwide.

RECO Intensive is certified through the Joint Commissions, meaning our staff and facility meet the gold standard for treatment.

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Luxury Facilities

Our luxurious Residential Housing Facilities have been thoughtfully designed to facilitate positive progress in recovery. At RECO, we provide safe, sober environments that are situated in the beautiful backyard of South Florida. Welcome home, where healing begins.

The moment you walk through our doors, you become a part of our family, our unwavering commitment to sobriety, and our unified trust in the process of transformation. The effectiveness of our program is enhanced by an atmosphere of clarity and tranquility, with each amenity serving as an architect of sensory wellness.

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Addiction Treatment

RECO’s Intensive’s PHP and outpatient program employs a progressive approach to addiction, while taking into account the specific intricacies of each client’s needs. We also designed our modern, upscale Residential Housing Facilities in Florida to provide maximum comfort and safety to each of our clients. As a trusted provider in our field, we consistently nurture connections with providers outside of our level of care. Read on to learn more about our addiction treatment programming.

Individualized Programming

RECO provides the services that each individual needs. Our Residential Care provides clients with a fully immersive treatment plan. Clients reside on the campuses of the treatment facilities, receiving 24-hour professional care. Their daily activities are facilitated and monitored by a staff of addiction professionals.

Our IOPs are intended to accommodate work and family life, allowing individuals to personalize their treatment plans to varying degrees. At RECO, we work directly with our clients to ensure their ability to maintain employment and familial responsibilities while also adhering to the curriculum of our program. As clients assimilate into a routine of working and attending therapies, a renewed commitment to sobriety emerges.

Highly Qualified Staff

We are honored to have such an incredible team of professionals working together to guide clients in creating brighter futures. RECO prides itself on being motivated to help clients recover in a way that is intentionally collaborative with each aspect of our program. From our primary therapists, to our specialty practitioners, to our ancillary service providers, our staff exemplifies the highest standards and best practices in addiction treatment

Family Therapy

Most families are not given a guidebook on how to handle the addiction of a loved one. So when addiction makes itself at home in a family, it can have unknown effects as everyone in the family deals with this new and unwelcome family member. Active addiction destabilizes the home environment, disrupts family life, compromises finances, and often compromises mental, emotional, and physical health. It can leave parents and loved ones wondering what is happening and why. Through family therapy, many of the ups and downs of addiction and its subsequent recovery can be managed effectively so everyone can get the help they need and begin to learn about their own behaviors in relation to the substance abuse disorder living in their loved one. Family therapy allows everyone to make the changes necessary to facilitate recovery.

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Tour Our Facilities

Take a tour of our residential & treatment facilities. This is where the journey to recovery begins.

Tour Our Facilities

Take a tour of our residential & treatment facilities. This is where the journey to recovery begins.

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